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Today’s globalized society needs the most rational of thinkers and intelligent practitioners in every walk of life. The collective ethos of contemporary modernization is modelled on nuances of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and the much talked about fourth industrial revolution. Within these verticals, the requisite for highly skilled individuals is a critical need of the hour. The fact remains that lifelong learning need to be an integrand within a student’s approach to education and livelihood.

Historically in our society, the unfortunate thrust has been on rote-learning and examination scores. Without negating the importance of exam scores, I would like to emphasize that there is a dichotomy between studying and learning. Studying for an exam and learning a concept with the ability to apply that learning in real-life are two different pathways

At Bethesda Christian Academy, the latter is something that our faculty members and management lay cardinal importance for a student’s growth. All round excellence is the key parameter that defines our pedagogy and approach towards our students. Right from the first day, students comes to a realization that they are not in a mere classroom, but in a theatre, where their best will be brought to play with success

With Best Wishes

Rev (Dr) R. Abraham